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MapVivo offers $1,000 for tales of inspiring travel experiences

London, United Kingdom (MAPVIVO.COM) 18th May 2009

MapVivo are looking for inspiring tales of travel via their on-line travel journals site, offering travelers $1,000 towards their next travel adventure.

Those who have caught the travel bug now have an excellent opportunity to share their experiences with the world, and win $1,000 towards their next travel adventure with the MapVivo Inspiring Travel Journals competition. allows travelers to plot their journeys together with text and images on a virtual travel map, and the newly launched website have now teamed up with and to search for exciting and inspiring travel experiences.

The competition is open until June 30th, during which travelers can register free of charge via to create their map based journals. The ten most popular travel journals during this time will be shortlisted and presented to a panel of judges with the $1,000 prize being awarded for the most inspiring journey. Five runners up will receive a free Bradt Travel Guide for the destination of their choice.

Mark Seall of MapVivo explained “We’re seeking journeys that make us want to pack our bags and go! That means we’re not necessarily looking for exotic or adventurous trips, but we are looking for journals which capture the essence of travel and the rewards it brings - the excitement and experiences you’ve encountered on your journeys are more important to us than where you’ve been.”

The $1,000 first prize can be used against any flight offered by whose unrivaled team have visited over 90% of the recognized countries on the planet. Bradt Travel Guides is one of the world’s leading travel publishers, with a comprehensive range of over 130 titles covering destinations around the world. The books are written by experts, and are known for being entertaining as well as informative. Launched in April 2009, MapVivo’s free online travel journals provide an ideal tool for travelers wanting to capture and share their travel experiences and gain inspiration from others.

The competition is open as of May 18th, and competition progress can be followed at

Tom Sieron

Tel: +48 505 034 253

MapVivo launches Social Networking with Virtual Travel Maps

London, United Kingdom (MAPVIVO.COM) 20th April, 2009

The launch today of MapVivo, a social travel experiences web site, enables travelers to bring their journeys to life by sharing images, text and video using a virtual map.

Inspired by a wall mounted pin map, allows users to share journeys and travel experiences by placing ‘virtual pins’ on an on-line map together with text, images and video, providing a novel solution for sharing travel experiences with friends and family. Based on this approach the MapVivo team are creating a social platform on which they plan to build an exciting array of services for travelers.

As well as allowing users to create a unique travel journal, allows travelers to capture and share information which can help other travelers plan ahead, meet up on the road, and exchange valuable tips and information. Whilst plenty of travel sites attempt to do this, the MapVivo team believes that nobody has developed a truly usable solution so far.

The concept was originally envisaged by MapVivo founder Mike Popielnicki while searching for a method to record and share journeys in place of his wall mounted pin map. Following a year of development and testing by a small team of web developers, MapVivo have recently secured outside investment and have ambitious future plans for the site.

Future bi-monthly releases of MapVivo will expand on its social features, improving integration with other social sites such as facebook, member messaging and group travel diaries. A mobile version of the platform is in the works, allowing real-time diary entries and travel information.

The current version of MapVivo is offered free of charge, with no plans to ever charge users for the service.

To see examples of how MapVivo can bring journeys to life, visit and explore some of our featured journeys, or sign up for a free account.

About MapVivo

Originally launched in 2008 and revised and re-launched in April 2009, MapVivo enables users to create and share on-line travel journals by adding images, text and video to a virtual journey map. This unique approach forms the foundation of a long term plan to create an engaging travel community.

MapVivo is headquartered in London, and is staffed by founding members Tom, Mike, Wojtek, Mark and Paul. The company obtained long term investment funding in February 2009 and was incorporated in the same month.

Visit MapVivo at

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