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    Export .kml file

    Save this journey to .kml format.

    Import .kml file

    Import data from .kml file to your journey. Route from your .kml will be added to your current journey.

    Choose a .kml file from your disk.

    Your KML file contains points.

    You can refine the number of points that will appear on Mapness with the slider below. The nearby points will be merged into a single point.. This will allow for less clutter on your Mapness map.

    Use points for describing your journey.

    New Journey

    Share your travel journal with friends

    Congratulations! Your journey has been published. All your journeys are listed on your profile page. Only you can see the unpublished drafts, while other travelers will only see the published journeys.

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    Finish editing

    Publishing your travel journal makes it visible to all MapVivo travelers. You can come back and edit this travel journal after publishing as many times as you like. This and all other travel journals you create is available on your profile pages in the "Journeys" section.

    Private drafts are visible to you only. You can find those in your traveler's profile, in the "Journeys" section. You can come back and edit a draft whenever you want, same as with a published travel journal. The only difference is that only you will be able to see it on MapVivo.

    New Point

    ° ' ''
    ° ' ''

    Decimal coordinates (eg. 25.234526).

    Connect with last point

    Add images

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    Temporarily adding videos is only available via YouTube. Please upload your video there and paste the link to the video below.