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MapVivo is temporarily down, but don’t worry, we’re on it!

UPDATE (12:45 GMT): we’ve resolved the issues and MapVivo is back online. We’ll be watching the performance closely to make sure that it keeps running smoothly and no future malign attempts can slow down any of your journeys. Happy travels!

We’re really sorry, but today at 11:00 GMT we had to temporarily close MapVivo due to [...]

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Congratulations to the winners!

Contest to win a $1000 travel voucher from and Roundtheworldflights for the most inspirational travel journal has closed and the panel of judges have picked the winner.

Dmitry Yuskovets published an astonishing MapVivo journal detailing a 14 month long round the world journey that almost made us pack our bags and go. His mapvivo journal [...]

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By the end of June entries for MapVivo & roundtheworldflights $1000 competition have closed. Check out the list of top 10 most inspiring Mapvivo journals submitted!
From the 10 runner up journeys our judges will award a $1,000 travel voucher to the author of the journey that most makes us want to pack our bags and [...]

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We like being inspired by tales of travel, and this morning I was pleasantly inspired by a MapVivo trip in an unusual way:
Your Travel life doesn’t end when you have Children
MapVivo user Hannah takes Matthew (7) and Jamie (4) on an 11 week world adventure to India, Mauritius, Thailand, Vietnam, and South Africa.
We think that’s [...]

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Help support your favourite on-line travel site (hopefully that’s us, right?) by voting for MapVivo in this year’s TravelMole Web Awards.
MapVivo has already been nominated, so all you need to do is visit our nomination page and give us your rating. Any comments and feedback left there are also much appreciated.
Voting closes on June 10th. [...]

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The Times Online reports today that hotels in Mexico are offering free holidays to people who catch swine flu:
Hotels in Mexico are offering free holidays to tourists who catch swine flu in their resorts in a bid to restore confidence in the destination.
The initiative, which involves three hotel chains, is being led by Real [...]

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Follow a stunning journey across the world’s highest mountain range with MapVivo traveler Tabatha Smith.
With breathtaking scenery and some fascinating tales of adventure this MapVivo journey is the ideal armchair adventure and well worth following:
From the trip:
Gosain Kunda was not to be the highest point of our trek – in order to start the descent [...]

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MapVivo, dein online Reisetagebuch, ist jetzt verfügbar in Deutsch! Zwar gibt es zur Zeit noch nicht sehr viele deutschsprachige Reiseberichte, aber Dank deiner Hilfe werden es hoffentlich bald ganz viele sein! Wir freuen uns auf deine Reiseberichte und Kommentare in Deutsch!
Would you like to see MapVivo in your language? We’d be over the moon [...]

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If you didn’t get yours already, here is our April Newsletter – click to read all about the latest at Mapness –> MapVivo:

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