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Hilarious and Odd Signs from All Over The World

Some of the funniest and interesting signs photographed by MapVivo travelers all over the world, hand picked. Enjoy!
You can find more funny signs and other great travel photos on our Facebook Page.
If you found those funny, check out also some links we dugg up elsewhere on the web featuring some hillarious sign photos:

Funny Signs at [...]

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In need of travel inspiration? We’ve recently happened across a great blog at which is full of travel ideas an inspiration, particularly this post:
Unreal landscapes on our very much real Earth are like gates to different worlds. These places blow our minds and cross the limits of our imagination.
Click to see some amazing [...]

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Want to know what it would be like to walk across China?

Last month we blogged about Christoph Rehage and his incredible journey across China – 4,600 kilometres on foot.
As well as creating a video of the trip, which according to The Times may be the best travel video of 2009, Chris has blogged the [...]

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Well, maybe not the absolute worst, but a catalogue of experiences around the world which explain why a taxi is always my last resort for getting from A to B, and why I’d rather walk, take public transport or a bike just about anywhere.
Disclaimer: Many taxi drivers are polite, courteous, professional and very honest. It’s [...]

Posted in Life of Travel | Tagged , , , , , , , , , , , | the question some people are asking today. Christoph Reharge has posted a YouTube video of his “The Longest Way” journey during which he spends a year walking across China, and grows a massive beard in the process.

You can check out Christoph’s amazing journey on his The Longest Way site, and shortly you’ll be able [...]

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From Buckinghamshire, England, down the East coast of Africa to Die Hel near Cape Town in South Africa. And then back again, via the far less travelled West Coast, whilst also scaling Kilimanjaro, the continent’s highest mountain. 11 months, 30 countries, 20,000 miles.
That’s the journey Carl James and Tom Picton will embark upon this September (which [...]

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Englishman Paul Smith (aka The Twitchhiker) began a pioneering quest at the beginning of this month: To see how far around the world he can travel relying solely on the goodwill of people using Twitter.
Paul’s trip will raise money for charity: water for which he is seeking sponsorship as he travels from point to [...]

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Reuters brings us a list of the world’s most mispronounced places, reminding me of those occasionally confused conversations with local people on travels…
1. Phuket, Thailand
This is definitely not a good one to learn the hard way and to make it even more difficult, advice on the correct way to pronounce it can vary. To [...]

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