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Say Farewell to Erectile Dysfunction with Sildenafil Over the Counter

Should you be suffering from the frustrating effects of erectile dysfunction, you need to research more about this rather sensitive topic of male sexual dysfunction, usually termed by doctors as erectile dysfunction.  With the help of sildenafil over the counter medicine, you can happily say farewell to erectile dysfunction!  While the branded from of sildenafil is truly a remarkable medication in the history of man’s sexual dysfunction, a lot of men cannot afford this rather expensive drug, which is why many of them become interested in finding cheaper alternatives and they begin their quest of finding affordable sildenafil over the counter medicine.

Sildenafil over the counter medication has been proven to treat not only erectile dysfunction, but also pulmonary arterial hypertension in men.  Since its use for sexual dysfunction is not entirely clear or studied, women are advised not to take any sildenafil over the counter drugs for reasons that it will only be a futile effort.

Sildenafil’s primary use is for treating erectile dysfunction in men.  Nowadays, sildenafil has been deemed a standard treatment for men suffering from erectile dysfunction, and this also includes men who also have diabetes mellitus and erectile dysfunction.  Another helpful use of sildenafil is that it can effectively treat pulmonary arterial hypertension, a rare disease in which the heart is oddly working more or beating much faster than normal.  With sildenafil, the heart’s pulmonary arterial pressure and resistance become lowered because the arterial wall has been relaxed by the medicine, thereby reducing the workload of the heart.

Not all men can be potential candidates for using sildenafil over the counter drugs due to reasons that the risks outweigh the benefits.  Men who are not advised to take sildenafil include those taking organic nitrites and nitrates, those who have heart problems, severe renal function impairment, severe liver impairment, low blood pressure or hypotension, recent incidence of heart attack or stroke, and genetic degenerative retinal disorders.

Sildenafil, over the years, have become very popular especially with the young adults, leading to the recreational use of the drug.  The reason for its rise in popularity is the belief that this drug can improve sexual performance, increase one’s libido or sexual drive, or it can permanently increase the size of the penile shaft.  However, studies have shown that there is little to no effect of sildenafil if you are not actually suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Sildenafil over the counter medication can be bought online via online pharmacy websites or online merchants that offer medicines.  There are many reasons why most men prefer to buy their sildenafil over the counter supply online rather than buying them at their local pharmacy store.  One primary reason is that most medications sold online are more affordable than their local pharmacy counterparts.  While you can never go wrong with purchasing the branded version of sildenafil over the counter, a lot of men find that generic sildenafil over the counter drugs work exactly the same just like the branded one, but of course, with a significantly lower price.  You only have to take some time to research from different online pharmacies and check their prices so you can compare and make an informed decision as to which one of them you will buy your supply of sildenafil over the counter medication.