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Hilarious and Odd Signs from All Over The World

Some of the funniest and interesting signs photographed by MapVivo travelers all over the world, hand picked. Enjoy!
You can find more funny signs and other great travel photos on our Facebook Page.
If you found those funny, check out also some links we dugg up elsewhere on the web featuring some hillarious sign photos:

Funny Signs at [...]

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MapVivo is temporarily down, but don’t worry, we’re on it!

UPDATE (12:45 GMT): we’ve resolved the issues and MapVivo is back online. We’ll be watching the performance closely to make sure that it keeps running smoothly and no future malign attempts can slow down any of your journeys. Happy travels!

We’re really sorry, but today at 11:00 GMT we had to temporarily close MapVivo due to [...]

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Congratulations to the winners!

Contest to win a $1000 travel voucher from and Roundtheworldflights for the most inspirational travel journal has closed and the panel of judges have picked the winner.

Dmitry Yuskovets published an astonishing MapVivo journal detailing a 14 month long round the world journey that almost made us pack our bags and go. His mapvivo journal [...]

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By the end of June entries for MapVivo & roundtheworldflights $1000 competition have closed. Check out the list of top 10 most inspiring Mapvivo journals submitted!
From the 10 runner up journeys our judges will award a $1,000 travel voucher to the author of the journey that most makes us want to pack our bags and [...]

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A great way to finish 2008.
A bit late, as the events described here took part between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I wanted to post about the latest Mapness development marathon.
We’ve met at Mike’s parent’s place on Sunday morning (just after Christmas) after shopping for coffee, energy drinks and snacks and started to crank out [...]

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Bonjour travelers!

Bonjour! Qu’est-ce que c’est exactement?
We’ve just released French language version of Mapness. If you’re more comfortable communicating in French go ahead - visit Mapness and change your preferred language to French (use the flag in the top right corner). Greetings to all travelers from Quebec and France using Mapness!
If you’d like to see Mapness translated [...]

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Conferences! And lots of ‘em too!

Being Digital in London
On 10th June 2008 (this Tuesday!) we’ll be presenting Mapness at the main stage at the Being Digital conference in London. Wojtek and Tom(who’s going to London especially for this event …and the afterparty (and all the other parties;)! ) will be there all day showing Mapness in the demo area, so [...]

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Mapness at StartupCamp in Londo

Wojtek on the catwalk!
Wojtek will be attending StartupCamp (a.k.a “The Unconference for the Startup Community”) in London on 7 and 8 March 2008. Mapness will take part in the Best Startup Contest there - Wojtek will give a presentation about Mapness, our business model and our plans for future world domination (of course).
If you happen [...]

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TMT Ventures 2008 Warsaw and Ogólnopolski Barcamp

Seriously, we’re not dead!
Just a quick update. We’ve been plenty busy lately, and that’s why it’s been so quiet around here for a while, but we promise we’ll be posting more on the blog as soon as things settle down a bit. Another update with a major overhaul of the Mapness homepage is on its [...]

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Mapness is looking for seed investement.

We are looking for seed funding - Venture Capitals or Business Angels. Back in September, when we were starting the development of Mapness we’ve applied to Seedcamp but having no more than an unrefined idea and no prototype to show we didn’t make it. Since then we have self-funded Mapness - we’ve developed a beta [...]

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