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We’re happy to announce another breathtaking, jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring release of Mapness. We’ve stayed away from conferences, bootcamps, open-coffee’s and sleeping;) for over a month to focus on coding and designing to bring you this one!
Image upload now 110% easier!
The most prominent change comes in the image upload. Now you can upload multiple photos just [...]

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Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn once said:
“If you’re not embarrassed by your first release, then you launched too late”
So ashamed as we are, and well aware of all the little quirks, tiny bugs and mischievous UI controls still popping up here and there, we’ve launched the open beta version of Mapness. If you haven’t [...]

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We are proud to share this news with all of our readers (and hopefully future users of our service).
We arranged an agreement with a Polish Himalaya expedition to publish their up to date achievements on our website.
The expedition itself is a pioneer one as its participants will dive in the Tilicho lake in Himalayas which [...]

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Since our beta is round the corner we’ve decided that it is high time to open the subscription for it!
To subscribe, visit our new-but-saying-no-more-than-the-previous-one splash screen and leave your email address.
We will let you know when you will get among the first users of pure Mapness.
Meanwhile do something….grab a camera and visit some place….or send [...]

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On the 27th September we’re having our first public showdown at 3camp - first barcamp ever in Tricity (that’s where I (Tom) currently live). I’ll be giving a presentation about Mapness and bootstrapping in Poland.
I’ll shed some light on how it all started, how we came up with that particular idea, what other projects we’ve [...]

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This ain’t no Sparta! This is Mapness!
The brave 300′th revision, committed by King LeoMichelous, stood proudly against the army of Know Bugs giving the message to the world, that our service just entered the Alpha stage of Development!
Tonight we dine caffeine.
the committer of 100′th and 300′th revisions :]

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…we took ours quite a while ago.
At the end of last motorcycle season i just finished pining the places i’ve been onto the map that i have on the wall.
At first there was a problem…

My map was just a map of Poland but my motorcycle trips went past that…
I had so much photos from the [...]

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