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Welcome to MapVivo – The World’s Online Travel Journal

The MapVivo vision was formed through a number of travel experiences; From spending endless hours sitting in Internet cafés writing long emails home with tales of far away adventures, marking maps with pins and string to plot journeys over continents, plotting voyages across the ocean, and pouring through guidebooks looking for inspiration.

Realising that there must be a way to bring journeys to life by sharing images, text and video, and placing them together on a virtual map, we built MapVivo to add an extra dimension to your journeys.

Let people see where you’ve been and what you found with MapVivo.

The MapVivo Team

the MapVivo team

Wojtek Kosiński

Wojtek is in charge of the engine room at MapVivo, making our software and hardware work seamlessly together to provide the very best experience for our users and developing a rock solid backend platform enabling the team to build great things.

An experienced veteran of a number of IT firms, and some rather exotic trips including a hike across Poland dressed as a medieval Scottish Warrior make Wojtek the ideal combination of techno traveler for the MapVivo team.

Wojtek has lived in Poland, Ireland and now London, and is still looking for somewhere he can have an all year Summer. He has a master’s degree in Information Technology from Lublin University of Technology.

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Tom Sieroń

An avid sailor and intrepid over-land traveller, Tom joins MapVivo after several years of experience as an entrepreneur, designer, and usability expert. Tom is responsible for marketing and business development at MapVivo and is custodian of the MapVivo master plan for becoming the world’s best travel site.

If Tom finds any time away from MapVivo this year he’s planning to go sailing on the North Sea, and backpack through Portugal. But it’s unlikely we’ll let him out for that long.

Tom currently lives in Warsaw, Poland (although he misses the salty air of the sea) and holds a masters degree from the Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics faculty of Gdansk University of Technology.

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Paul is hard at work on amazing MapVivo mobile applications (currently in alpha) that will help put MapVivo everywhere and anywhere.

More about Paul later when we release some of his awesome work to the world. For now, all we can reveal is that he is a beer loving volleyball addict who writes Symbian code in his sleep…

Mike Popielnicki

MapVivo was born out of Mike’s wish to electronically automate the pin board on his wall that was used to plot motorcycle journeys around Europe. We are wondering what he is going to automate next.

After working for some years at a famous software firm, his biker instinct told him he was not one for the easy life, and so today he works around the clock developing amazing MapVivo functionality powered by caffeine and all kinds of off-stream music.

Mike has a Masters Degree in Transportation Telecommunication from the Warsaw University of Technology and lives in Warsaw, a city he is unfortunately not fond of. Instead he dreams of moving to a place where motorcycling never stops, and where MapVivo rules.

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